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Smax E-Liquid

Back in 2014, Smax introduced the first pumping experience that changed the e-liquid industry and today continues to deliver excellence in its flavors.

Try Mafia Princess from SMAX and Never Skip Dessert Again

After a big meal, we all know the ritual of shrugging off the waiter when they offer coffee and dessert with a “No thanks, just the check please.” Even if you really could go for a slice of cake and a cup of delicious espresso, once the meal is over most of us just want to be on our way. SMAX understands that even when you’re on the go, you should treat yourself to a little something sweet. That’s the whole reason they mixed up their Mafia Princess e-liquid.

Mafia Princess is one of SMAX’s premium e-liquid flavors, offering users that coffee and dessert experience from anywhere. The team at SMAX specially blended this juice to capture the taste of a delicate Italian cake layered with whipped cream, and soaked in espresso. Dessert and coffee shouldn’t be something you turn down after filling up on carbonara. With Mafia Princess, you can have a taste of this classic combination any time!


You can find Mafia Princess e-liquid in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine concentrations to meet the needs of any vape user. You can pick this e-liquid up in convenient two and four packs of 30ml bottles, the perfect pocket size for on the go vapers. If you are afraid of running out of this delicious juice, SMAX’s has your back with the return of their 100ml bottles.


Like all of SMAX’s e-liquids, Mafia Princess uses a naturally sweet vegetable glycerin base. This all natural VG base offers a smooth vapor experience that will pump out clouds as rich and fluffy as the whipped cream you’ll be tasting. SMAX is proud to offer these products as a hypoallergenic alternative to the high propylene glycol e-liquids many of their competitors offer.


If this sweet treat sounds perfect for you, SMAX has bundles to sample all of their delicious dessert options. The SMAX dessert bundle includes our Mafia Princess, Sammies Puffs, and She’s a Dime e-liquids. For s’more lovers, Sammies Puffs is the perfect mixture of graham cracker, marshmallow, and sweet chocolate flavor. If a citrusy treat is more your speed, She’s a Dime tastes like a lime cake pop coated in a creamy lemon sauce. Whatever your preference, the dessert bundle is an offer you can’t refuse.


So next time you’re wrapping up a big meal, remember to save room for dessert and out try SMAX Mafia Princess e-liquid. It’s important to treat yourself, and SMAX knows their delicious vapor is the perfect guilt free way to enjoy a little dessert whenever you want. No need to run to the bakery for a slice of tiramisu, just drop some Mafia Princess in your tank and enjoy the rich taste of cake, espresso and whipped cream whenever you want!

Choosing a Premium E-Cigarette Liquid

The e-liquid market is full of options and with the hundreds of brands and thousands of products, it can be hard to know where to start. If you want to distinguish a premium e-cigarette liquid from a nasty bottle of vape juice, there are many factors to consider. Today we’re here to help you understand what you should look at when you encounter a new liquid and how to tell if it is worth your purchase.

One of the first things any user will consider when they are choosing an e-liquid is the flavor. There are countless flavor options out there, but not all of these options are created equal. Cheaper brands will leave a funky aftertaste or they will simply have almost no flavor to speak of. When sampling e-liquids, look for a juice with a crisp well defined flavor profile. You should also make sure the juice has had some time to breathe before you sample it, a process known as steeping. For certain flavors, steeping will greatly enhance the taste.


Another major factor to consider will be the blend of ingredients in your e-liquid. The majority of e-liquids are two liquid components, known as PG and VG. PG, or propylene glycol, is a chemical used in certain food products. It will add a “throat hit” to a vape juice that some users enjoy. PG also helps your juice retain its flavor. Some users will experience irritation to the skin, throat, and eyes when they vape high PG blends, so be sure to pay attention to the PG levels if you experience this kind of side effect. Some users also try to avoid PG due to its reputation as an industrial product, being a component of airplane de-icing solutions and food safe antifreeze blends.


Vegetable glycerin, or VG, is a natural liquid derived from certain plant materials. This liquid is thick, naturally sweet, and vapes at a lower temperature than PG. VG’s major contribution to e-liquids is its cloud creation. VG produces thick smooth vapor and high VG blends are a favorite of cloud chasers and sub-ohm vapers. Premium e-cigarette liquids with 90+% VG are known as max VG blends and are a great option for users with PG sensitivity. Vegetable glycerin also has the advantage of being an all natural substance that a long history of use in food and cosmetic products.


If you are interested in trying a max VG e-liquid, you need to check out the premium e-liquids from SMAX. With six unique flavor profiles, SMAX has a delicious option for any vape user. You can try any of their flavors in nicotine concentrations ranging from 0mg to 6mg of nicotine per ml. Grab any of their flavors in 60ml, 100ml, or 120ml quantities and enjoy the naturally sweet taste and incredibly smooth vapor you can only get from a max VG e-liquid.

Take a Mini-Vacation with Good Vibes E-Liquid from SMAX

As the weather heats up, our daydreams are once again taking place on faraway beaches featuring cool drinks and sand between our toes. Sadly, we don’t all have the time or the means to take that dream vacation to a tropical island. Even if you’re not sipping a chilled fruit cocktail while soaking up the sun on some foreign shore, that doesn’t mean your taste buds need to know that. With Good Vibes e-liquid from SMAX, you can send your tongue on that exotic getaway whenever you want.
When you fill your tank with amazing flavors, it can really pay off. Once we first started mixing up our unique flavors, Good Vibes earned its name almost instantly. This cool blend of pineapple, passionfruit, and other tropical fruity flavors is hard to vape without a smile. When you need a flavor you can depend on to lift your spirit, Good Vibes will treat you right.
Don’t settle for mediocre vapor after a hard day. If you need to take a quick mental vacation to that sun-kissed beach we all keep in our head, Good Vibes can help take you there with its exotic and fruity flavor profile.
Our e-liquids don’t just have luxurious flavor, they are also made to give an incredibly smooth vaping experience. We make all of our amazing e-liquids with an all natural vegetable glycerin base. As an e-liquid base, vegetable glycerin is naturally sweet and hypoallergenic.
Vegetable glycerin also vapes at a lower temperature than a typical propylene glycol based e-liquid. Despite the lower temperature, vegetable glycerin actually produces more vapor than other e-liquid bases. This means that when you take a rip of Good Vibes, you get an amazingly smooth hit and a dense vapor.
For all of our premium e-liquids, we offer several options to achieve your perfect vaping experience. We know that not vaping isn’t a one size fits all industry, so we offer a range of nicotine concentrations to suit any user. Pick up Good Vibes e-liquid in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg concentrations. No matter which option you choose, you’ll be delighted by how this vapor tastes and feels.
If you just want to give this tropical e-liquid a try, you can pick up a 30ml bottle today. If you want to save yourself the trouble of coming back for more, we also offer 100ml and 120ml packs. Be sure to pick up enough so you’ll never have to leave your brain landlocked when you need that taste of the tropics.
We could all use some more good vibes in our lives. So next time you need a little vacation, let Good Vibes e-liquid transport you to your own personal oasis. The premium line of e-liquids from SMAX has the perfect flavors to suit any occasion. Next time you want to treat yourself to some amazing vapor with an unforgettable flavor, you can trust SMAX give you exactly what you need.

SMAX Sells Peach Flavored Lick It E-Liquid

What flavor is there that is better than Peaches and Cream? Nothing is better when you want a smooth, peachy flavor than Lick It E-Liquid from SMAX. Clean and refreshing taste that tickles the tongue and satisfies the craving for peaches.
Flavor Right From the Peach Orchard
In creating these flavors, SMAX spent a great deal of time in the laboratory, refining and defining the flavor to perfection. Peaches are universally adored by everyone and there’s no better place to get exactly the right taste than SMAX Lick It E-Liquid. Perfectly peachy and with a touch of cream, this E-Liquid can delight and satisfy any time of the day. It’s as though you’re standing in the Peach orchard savoring the juicy fruit right off the tree.
Lots of Sizes to Choose From
SMAX produces their E-Liquids in sizes that accommodate every vapor lover. For only $19.99 you get 60ml of this delicious, delectable treat. It is also available in 120ml packages for only $39.99 and it is now available in the 100ml size for only $25.99. Whichever size you choose, it is dispensed from SMAX’s popular Shortie Bottle.
To Nicotine or Not to Nicotine
Many people use vapor to help them kick their cigarette and nicotine habit. To this end, SMAX offers three levels of nicotine for each of their fantastic flavors. Customers can choose between 6mg and 3mg of Nicotine in their vapor and the Lick It E-Liquid is available with 0mg of Nicotine for those who don’t want or need Nicotine in their vapor.
Purchase Lick It Alone or In a Bundle
Because the flavors are so popular and also because they go together so well, SMAX offers their flavors in bundles which compliment each of the flavors with other flavors. The Fruit Bundle has Lick It E-Liquid along with Good Vibes (Pineapple and Passionfruit and more), and with Pony on Acid (Strawberries, Raspberries, and Pineapple). The Fruit Bundle is a total of 120ml and it costs only $39.99, a savings of almost $20 over purchasing each item separately.
SMAX Offers Lots of Flavors
When you go to www.smaxeliquid.com you’ll find all the flavors SMAX has developed. There are fruity flavors along with deep, rich flavors of coffee, caramel, butterscotch, and a host of others. Each has been mixed with other complimentary flavors to create a soothing, tasty experience for every flavor and every flavor lover.
Good Deals Made Even Better
SMAX knows every vapor lover is looking for a good deal on the flavors they desire the most. To this end, the company offers some very enticing benefits to their customers. The prices are excellent all by themselves but there’s more to the story. SMAX offers Free Shipping on orders over $30 and a Rewards Program for frequent buyers. There’s a Wholesale department that helps with pricing on large orders. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for SMAX’s seasonal specials and discounts.

Premium E-Cigarette Liquid from Smax

Vaping is all about the experience and getting a premium e-liquid can go a long way in enhancing that experience, especially when the e-liquid is affordable. At Smax, it is all about quality liquids at a great price to you.

Smax has six original flavors of premium e-cigarette liquid that will give you a new sensation with a unique taste. The original flavors range from dessert flavors to fruit flavors and made from premium ingredients. Premium e-liquid comes from much more than just natural ingredients. Using recipes that have been tested and tried, Smax strives to be the best and wants these flavors to be tasted in every vape session.

With each recipe going through several experiments to find the right flavor combinations, Smax liquids are well liked by customers and get great reviews because the flavors are so unique and so fresh and easy to identify. Smax involves the customer and takes the feedback seriously in an effort to improve the many flavors they have to offer.

Smax knows the benefits of selling the flavors in bundle packages so you can try as many flavors with one purchase. Many different vape e-liquid producers charge extra to provide more flavors. At Smax, everyone can get a variety of flavors with one purchase, allowing you to try from a selection of great premium e-liquids. Smax offers a reward program online that can allow you to get benefits and discounts with continued purchases. Smax also offers a variety of seasonal sales and special discounts throughout the year, so keep checking back to see what the specials are over throughout the year.

One of the things that make Smax’s premium e-cigarette liquid unique is that you can add as much or little nicotine as you like. Nicotine is an addictive chemical in cigarettes, and many of the Smax flavors were created out of inspiration from friends of the founder of the company to help them quit traditional smoking and try something new and exciting. With 0mg, 3mg and 6mg options available, you can choose to go nicotine free or have a little included to still get that addition to your liquids. You can also start at one level and work your way to a nicotine free liquid in an effort to quit smoking.

Of course, what makes Smax really stand out among the rest is the pricing. This is an affordable way to enjoy unique premium e-cigarette liquids with delicious flavors. Smax e-liquids are affordable as it is, but they regularly offer specials, discounts and flash sales because their customers are so valuable to them. They treasure their customers and want to keep them happy and enjoying the original flavors whenever they like. By keeping the focus on happy customers and the quality of the juices and the ingredients and flavors that go into them, Smax stands out at the top when it comes to premium juices.

Whether you have one specific flavor you are searching for or want to get started with Smax and try a bundle package of fruit or dessert flavors, Smax has a great selection and many options and sizes to get you exactly what you need. Customers love the flavors and have great things to say about the product and the company. Check out the reviews to see just how much customers love Smax.

So for a great e-liquid made from premium ingredients and providing a smack of flavor, let Smax be your source for delicious e-liquids at a great price.

Smax E-Liquid: The Best USA E-Liquid Brand

For vapers who care about the products they use, finding a reliable brand that delivers a great product is important. You want to purchase from people you can trust. You want quality products at a great price that delivers great flavor and the feeling you love when you vape.


The brand you need is Smax, the best USA e-liquid brand.


To be the best USA e-liquid brand, you have to go through some challenges and they are fairly universal no matter what the size of the e-liquid company may be. E-liquid and vape companies are very competitive and many can fizzle out over time if they don’t capture the market.

So what makes a quality e-liquid brand? Today, we will look at some of the signs that you have found a great brand that you can trust to purchase e-juice.


A quality e-liquid brand can usually be identified by the contents and ingredients included in the juices. Many of the ingredients are extracts of fruits or dessert flavors and there are many categories of e-liquid ranging from candy to dessert to fruits to tobacco and that can lead to thousands of creative flavors to choose from.


Perhaps the most important part of the makeup of e-liquids is the percentage of PG and VG. PG, or proplyene glycol, is a common base of electronic cigarettes. It is usually thick and runny and can create a bit of a mess, but it will also drip faster and burn the liquid faster than normal. The thinner liquid makes it easier to clean the e-cigarette. Proplyene also keeps things moist which can create a better and stronger hit of e-liquid similar to tobacco.

The more organic part of e-liquids is VG, or vegetable glycerin. It is slightly thicker than PG and sweeter too, providing the distinct taste. When you see certain e-liquids that promote very specific flavors, chances are they are primarily a VG-based e-liquid. It’s also something that is easy for vapers, especially new vapers, and limits allergic reactions. With a thicker liquid, you get thicker smoke. This can still be pleasing to some people who like the thick plumes of smoke, but it does give less of a hit too.


A quality e-liquid brand is also defined by the label and how professional it looks and how descriptive it is to the contents of the e-liquid. Honesty goes a long way with vapers. They have a specific taste and ingredients that they like whether it is a 100 percent VG liquid or a certain amount of nicotine in the e-liquid. These items should be identified and your brand should be showcased through the packaging and labels and give people a sense of comfort when they see it.


Finally, the best USA e-liquid brands should have a variety of flavors to choose from and continue to explore new ideas and to take ideas from their customers and supporters. Smax has a number of original e-liquids that offer great flavors and are made with quality.


Finding a great e-liquid brand can be difficult, but once you have found someone you can trust, someone whose flavors you enjoy and keep turning to again and again, you will become a regular customer and want nothing but the best. That is what Smax has to offer, high-quality and premium vape juices at a great price to keep you doing what you love. Check out the many flavors and find your favorites today.

Get to Know SMAX E-Liquid’s Most Popular Flavor: Pony on Acid E-Liquid

If you haven’t heard about Pony on Acid e-liquid by SMAX, where have you been? Once you take a rip of this juice and exhale a cloud of tropical paradise, you’ll know you’ve found your new favorite e-liquid. Pony on Acid is easily our most popular product, and it’s not just because of the catchy name -- but it grabbed your attention, didn’t it?. The key to our success with this e-liquid is the flavor profile that our customers just can’t get enough of.



This SMAX e-liquid is the perfect combination of all your favorite fruity flavors. By mixing raspberry, strawberry, and pineapple and topping it all off with a deliciously creamy strawberry glaze, we created a sweet hit that our customers can’t get enough of. Whether you’re sitting on a sun kissed beach already, or just wish you were, this flavor will put your mind right where it needs to be.


We created this tasty flavor in 2014 after experimenting with sweet holiday classic, a bag of Jelly Belly beans (don’t worry, no black liquorice in this one). By mixing our favorite fruity flavors for inspiration and going through a series of beta tests, some of which we don’t talk about, we finally produced a berry blend we could be proud of. Years later, we’re still grateful to that bag of candy beans for helping us create our most popular e-liquid.


Like all of our vapor juice products, Pony on Acid e-liquid features a high vegetable glycerin base (90VG/10PG) to produce that thick, cool, and naturally sweet vapor with the perfect touch of throat hit. Our customers not only love the thick clouds our juice provides, but also the smooth feeling of VG vapor. Just drip a little into your tank, taste that amazing tropical fruit flavor, and keep your head in the clouds all day.


Like all of SMAX’s high quality e-liquids, this juice comes in 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG nicotine concentrations to suit any customer’s needs. We offer three quantities of juice: 60ml, 100ml, and 120ml. Our e-liquids are packaged in the same convenient 30ml bottles we first offered back in 2014 when we launched Pony on Acid e-liquid. Pick up a 60ml pack to try out, or trust us and go straight to the 120ml and save yourself the trouble of coming back for more.


Whether you have been vaping since day one, or are looking for a tasty way to keep your life smoke free, Pony on Acid is the perfect e-liquid for anyone who needs a little more sweetness in their life. If you’ve been trying to find a new sweet flavor to add a little sunshine to your day, look no further. Try a bottle or grab one of our bundles and treat yourself to our other amazing flavors!

Enjoy Summer with Sammie Puffs from SMAX

The idea of a perfect summer day most commonly evokes images of sun kissed beaches, cool drinks with tiny umbrellas, and firing up the grill. While perfect summer day may differ from person to person, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t want to spend their cool summer nights around a fire. Huddled around the fire pit on a cool summer night, there’s one treat that brings everyone together: s’mores!


SMAX is right there with you, which is why they’ve captured this summer time classic in their Sammie Puffs e-liquid. The classic taste of toasted marshmallow and chocolate kisses sandwiched between golden graham crackers is now available in e-liquid form! The perfect vaping recipe for cool summer nights, or whenever you just want a sweet treat.



Like all of the flavors in the SMAX line of premium e-liquids, Sammie Puffs is made with a natural sweet vegetable glycerin base. We’re proud to offer our products with this natural and hypoallergenic formula. This premium e-liquid will produce thick smooth clouds of tasty vapor with ease, and will leave you with that perfect s’more taste, minus the sticky fingers.


Sammie Puffs e-liquid is available in 0mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg nicotine concentrations to fit any user’s preference. SMAX is also happy to announce a return to our tried and true original bottle packaging. The perfect size for toting around without using up all your pocket real estate, we offer 60ml, 100ml, and 120ml bundles! Take our word for it and pick some of this e-liquid up to keep you exhaling your favorite campfire memories all summer long.


Next time you’re dying for some more s’mores, no need to get a fire going and deal with your first three marshmallows bursting into flame. Instead, just grab yourself a bottle of Sammie Puffs from SMAX and bring summer’s favorite treat with you wherever you go.


We also are offering Sammie Puffs e-liquid along with two of our other signature flavors as part of our dessert bundle! Jump between all of our sweet dessert options, including our Mafia Princess and She’s a Dime e-liquids. Mafia Princess captures the flavor of a italian cake layered with whipped cream and covered in espresso for a decadent dessert experience. If you love sweets and citrus, look no further than our She’s a Dime e-liquid flavor! A sweet lime cake with a hint of creamy lemon sauce makes this yet another summer time classic. With all three of these e-liquids in one bundle, you really can’t go wrong.


Check out SMAX E-liquid for the tastiest vapor and unforgettable flavor. Try all of our delicious options before the season’s over, then be sure to have them around to keep your spirits up till summer rolls back around!

Kick Your Cig Habit with She’s A Dime E-Liquid from Smax

SMAX E-Liquid takes pride in being one of the most elite and flavorful e-liquids on the market. In the past, we have had both nicotine free tobacco and juice with nicotine, but now we use only tobacco with real nicotine instead of synthetic due to our customers preferring that as the type of juice we carry. We created this a way to help end smoking, because over all, vaping is a better experience, especially with SMAX e-liquids. Despite our flavor names being a little odd, we know we have some of the tastiest and flavorful vape juices out there. Some of our customer favorites are Pony On Acid, Feelin’ Frappie, and She’s A Dime e-liquid. These flavors are all different and unique in their own way and inspired by friends, making them a great vaping experience for each customer with a special connection to the SMAX brand. In fact, you can even purchase a sampler pack, also known as the Smax Bible to give all our flavors in our dessert collection a try. Why have one when you can have it all?



SMAX E-Liquids has also had a lot of changes to how we sell and package our supplies. There are some laws in place that require how we present our product due to the nicotine content inside the tobacco. We had to make a lot of changes to the design of our product in order to make it fit the FDA requirements, but that didn’t stop us from making a great product for you to puff on. Our main priority is trying to keep you smoke free, but happily vaping on SMAX juices to help kick that nasty cig addiction. Our flavors are designed to bring you joy, a blast of flavor, and to keep you happy.


Just like you crave a cigarette, you crave something sweet like dessert as well. How many times have you smelled a chocolatey cake, or a tangy dessert pie and thought about how good it would taste at random times of the day? Well, now you can taste your favorite dessert at any time of the day with our deliciously sweet flavors. She’s A Dime e-liquid is like a lime cake pop topped with a cream lemon sauce, the most perfect dessert in a tiny puff of juice. Using the perfect mix of sweet and sour, this tangy juice will give you a thick cloud and transport you to a sweet fantasy. This featured flavor comes in both 120mL for $19.99 option or a 60mL option. You can also purchase two 30mL bottles in a pack. You can also chose to order in either 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine.


If you want a taste for all the dessert flavors we have to offer, order the SMAX Dessert bundle. This bundle comes with three different flavors in 60mL in Mafia Princess, Sammie Puffs, and She’s A Dime. Have any type of dessert you love on the go in our e-liquid form, we promise you will love it.

Hit Up Smax for Premium e-Liquids For Sale

If you are looking for a premium e-liquid for sale that comes in a small size but packs a big punch, then Smax E Liquids are what you need in your life. These e-liquids come in different dessert themed sweet flavors that are sure to tingle your taste buds. We are also proud to announce that we have decided to bring back our signature small packaging for the ultimate e liquid experience. Our Shorties were such a big hit we knew you couldn’t live without them. In fact, for a limited time, we will offer our Shorties for only $19.99 in a 2X30ML bottle.



Our Smax liquids are unique and delicious and well known for being some of the best. Try our Good Vibes juice to experience a tropical vacation like no other. A fruit juice mix with pineapple, passion fruit, take a puff of this and it’s like sticking a tiny pink umbrella is a cold drink in paradise. For a magical berry tang in your life, try Pony On Acid. This flavor is like eating a decadent strawberry parfait. Berry and sweet, you need this e-liquid in your life. Our third fruity vape liquid is Lick It, a peaches and cream wannabe. Sit back, relax, and let your mouth water to this sweet and sour dessert novelty in vape form.


Looking for a sweeter experience? Enjoy dessert in e-liquid vape form with Mafia Princess, like taking a bite right into an Italian cake topped with espresso and whipped cream. It’s like getting coffee and dessert in one, but easier than ever. Another great flavor we love to talk about is our Sammie Puffs, aka Smores. Just like your summer campfire, inhale from graham crackers toasted with fluffy marshmallows and melted chocolate. This flavor will instantly hit your sweet tooth and bring you right back to that summer love. And if chocolate isn’t your thing, but lemons and limes are, the She’s A Dime will be right up your alley and in your vape. This lime cake topped with a lemon sauce is tangy and sweet at the same time.


All of our premium e-liquids for sale come in either a single flavor for $19.99. If you are feeling the Smax love, then try on our bundles for $39.99. Either the Smax Fruit Bundle or Smax Dessert Bundle are a perfect way to try a little of everything, or a lot, as you will get three 60mL packages in this order. If you want the best of both worlds and are ready to ball out on a budget, our Smax Bible, also known as the entire set is only $69.99, and comes with all six of our unique flavors. This package will save you $47.95 and give you a mind-blowing vaping experience.


Order from Smax e-Liquid today and start vaping with only some of the best premium e liquids for sale. You won’t be disappointed with our amazing service and fast shipping.

Trends in Buying Vapor Juice Online Mean Big Money

Trends in the vaping industry have been growing at a rapid pace for more than a decade, and there's no sign the growth will stop anytime soon. According to recent research, within the next four years, sales in the industry are expected to top $40 billion a year. At the heart of this growth is the number of shops selling vapor juice online. Why would sales of that magnitude be associated with e-commerce or Internet sales?


Have you walked into a vaping shop, the room filled with plumes of fruit, tobacco, and mint and realized it seems more like a hangout spot than a place for someone looking for high-quality e-liquids online? This is not to say all brick and mortar shops are low quality. However, at the speed at which these small shops are popping up around every corner may indicate the shop owners are interested in vaping and may even vape, but that doesn't mean they have the experience or knowledge that comes with expert customer service agents, like those at SMAX.



Along the same lines as experience, knowing the vape industry is critical especially for people just starting to vape. Thus can also be said for people who've been vaping for years and understand the ins and outs, ups and downs of hardware, software, Bluetooth, tanks, mods, and other accessories. If you walk into a physical business and there's one person behind the counter, how do you know that one person has all the knowledge you need? But, at SMAX, we don't offer anything other than the best, and that's why we ensure and guarantee our customer representatives are knowledgeable about juices and hardware, so you get started right and you get the products you need quickly.


At SMAX, we vape. And, we sell high-quality products online, which means we don't have a ton of free time. That's the same story for hundreds of thousands of people who vape daily. In a world where there's never enough time, heading to your favorite website, one you can trust for the best prices and best quality, means ordering the e-juice you need with just a couple clicks.


There've been some cases where we found similar pricing for vapor juice online in offline shops. But, the majority of our experience shows that online shops tend to sell products at a price lower than brick and mortar stores. This may have something to do with the cost of running a physical business, but whatever the reason is buying your e-juice online could save you quite a bit of money, which means you can buy more juice.


SMAX isn't your typical, everyday shop. We take to heart that every visitor to our website is looking for accurate, trustworthy, research, and knowledge about what vapor juice is, what it may do for you, and the best possible vapor juice online. You can browse our online catalog, and take a good look at everything we have to offer. When you come up with a question, or you have a comment, feel free to reach out through our website. We can talk vape because we know vape.

For Top Selling E-Liquid, Choose Smax

In the vaping community, quality is of great importance. You want to find a brand that delivers quality on a regular basis with all of their creations in e-liquids. With Smax, you get top selling e-liquid that is original and delivers unique flavor profiles to give you a true experience.


Six flavors make up the Smax Bible. The Smax Bible got its name by being the inspiration to quit traditional smoking by avoiding the harmful chemicals and poison that pollutes the body. Each of the six flavors included is designed to be a profile for different palates, since all people like different tastes. The Smax Bible is made up of two bundle packages available. The fruit bundle has three flavors - Good Vibes, Lick It and the top selling e-liquid at Smax, Pony On Acid. The dessert bundle has Mafia Princess, Sammie Puffs and She’s A Dime. Together, these six flavors offer many differences even while fitting into two categories of fruit and dessert.



If you are new to vaping, you may be wondering what makes a quality e-liquid and what you should be looking for when you purchase juices for you.


The most important qualities are in the smell and taste, which should always be right for you. There are some warning signs for vape liquids that are not quality. If it is a cloudy juice that produces a clouded vapor with an unpleasant smell and taste, the e-liquid may be contamination or ingredients that were not mixed right or proportioned properly.


A quality brand of e-liquid will also use natural flavors instead of artificial flavors. This is just another way quality e-liquids keep unwanted ingredients and chemicals out of the juices and further promote better taste. You want to naturally mix juices to create delicious blends. It you allow time during the mixing of the juices, it makes the flavors even more of a focus.


Some vapor juices contain nicotine, but at Smax, there are options to include nicotine. Juices can come with 0MG, 3MG or 6MG of nicotine. The measure of a quality e-liquid is that nicotine levels are safe and at a much lower level than what is found in traditional cigarettes. Remember when you vape that nicotine is an addictive chemical.


The ingredients of e-liquids are also important. The level of vegetable glycerin or VG and propylene glycol or PG can measure the quality of an e-liquid. Many e-liquids contain much more VG because it makes them more organic. Totally organic e-liquids will be 100 percent VG. At Smax, the original flavors that make up the Smax Bible are typically 90 percent VG and 10 percent PG.


When you are looking for a unique top selling e-liquid, check out the selection with Smax. Between the fruity flavors of the fruit bundle and the sweet and delicious flavors from the dessert bundle, you will get a great new experience in your vaping with these liquids.


Smax has created these liquids as an assist to help quit the dangerous habits of smoking traditional cigarettes while considering close friends in creating the flavor profiles. Each flavor from Smax was inspired by a friend of the company founder, so each flavor has its own story behind it.


So pick up one of the package deals like the Smax Bible or try one of the flavors available and pick up a bottle so you can start trying out this new experience in vaping. Try all of the Smax flavors and find your favorite today!

Good Vibes E-Liquid From SMAX Online

Ever had a day where you just craved something fruity and delicious? Something that will make your tongue sing and your soul feel like it is in a perfect place? Well, wait no longer because SMAX has their Good Vibes E-Liquid and all you have to do is inhale and enjoy.

Some Days Are Made for Fruit
Warm summer mornings and cool, refreshing summer nights are made for the taste of fruit. But for many folks, any time is the right time for a nice, smooth flavor combination that has all the best fruits in one place. Pineapple and Passionfruit along with a little Orange and a hint of Mint makes for the most delicious fruit vapor to satisfy anyone’s desire for a light and sweet delight.

Good, Good, Good Vibrations
The song captures the moment when the universe is aligned and all is good around you. Good Vibes E-Liquid has all the ingredients to make the moment special. SMAX uses a 90% Vg and 10% Pg base to bring out the flavor and provide a satisfying, thick cloud of vapor. By using a 90/10 mixture, the cloud is much smoother on the tongue and throat. It also reduces the chances of an allergic reaction or nausea resulting from the inhaled vapor.

Choose Your Own Level of Nicotine
One of the great advantages of using Smax Good Vibes E-Liquid is the choices available for the Nicotine level in the E-liquid. SMAX offers three levels of Nicotine in their vapor; 6mg, 3mg, or 0mg. For the cigarette smoker trying to quit cigarettes it is a perfect way to reduce Nicotine levels so that it is easier to stop smoking cigarettes. It’s a benefit that SMAX includes with all their flavors.

Not the Only Fruit Flavor in the SMAX Line Up
SMAX has been able to create an entire group of fruit flavored E-Liquids, each complimenting the other flavors. Customers can purchase Good Vibes E-Liquid in a bundled set of fruity flavors. The other flavors are Lick It (tasty Peaches and Cream) and Pony on Acid (tangy Strawberries, Raspberries and a hint of Pineapple). All three flavors come together in a single bundle and the prices are even better when you bundle flavors.

Get What You Want the Way You Want It
The different flavor combinations are designed to satisfy the fruit lover all day long. SMAX makes choices easy by providing their E-Liquids in 30ml bottles, 60ml (2x30ml) sets, 120ml (4x30ml) packages and now they have the 100ml bottles back in inventory and at excellent prices. Customers have lots of choices in products and quantities to purchase.

Quality Company Making Quality E-Liquid
The folks at SMAX know what customers want and they produce some of the finest E-Liquids available on the market today. Their flavor formulas have customers raving and it’s easy to see why their products are so popular. Any company can claim to be the best but it’s the customer reviews and ratings that tell the real story. Go to www.Smaxeliquid.com to see the comments and ratings SMAX’s customers have provided and you’ll see the high ratings and happy customers are giving SMAX’s products and customer service.

6 Signs You Didn’t Buy Premium Vapor Juice

Vaping is an experience and a favorite pass time that people share around the world. The longer you vape, the apter you are to understand the importance of premium vapor juice. However, you don’t have to spend years vaping to learn the difference between high- and poor-quality e-liquid. With the vast selection of juices out there today, settling for less than premium is not an option.

If your e-juice appears cloudy or contains an unknown material floating inside, do not continue to use the liquid. You'll read various possible causes including low temperatures, oil-based flavorings, and an incorrect propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin ratio, but there's no way for the vaper to tell precisely why the juice is cloudy or what's floating inside, so there's no sense in taking any chance that it could be contaminated or poor quality.

Packaged in Clear Containers
Premium vapor juice shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight. The sun causes the fluid to degrade quickly. The light takes away the flavor and strength of the juice. Only buy liquids packaged in materials that don’t let in the light, like tinted glass or other non-transparent material.

No Taste
Other than degradation, poor ingredients can affect the way an e-liquid tastes. Too little flavoring and there’s no taste at all. Too much flavoring and the juice has an artificial flavor not everyone enjoys. Taste is one of the more important characteristics of quality juices, ask any vaper.

Watery Liquid
Vegetable glycerine is a thick liquid that, when combined with propylene glycol, maintains a viscosity that’s thicker than water. Watery e-liquids likely either have too much propylene glycol, or other filler ingredients have been added to save money — ensuring a more substantial profit.

Hand-Written Label
When companies first started making branded e-liquids in-house, many labels were hand-written with the name of the juice or flavor and production date. For new vapers, these hand-written labels may come across as being unique, like small-batch, home-brewed beer, but don’t be fooled. Not all companies take pride in crafting a juice of the best quality. Sometimes, they’re mixing their own juices to decrease costs.

Quality Customer Service
There are many options to choose from when looking to buy premium vapor juice online. Some companies, like SMAX, take customer experience and satisfaction seriously, so they offer a way for customers to reach out with questions or concerns. Without a way to easily reach representatives, it looks like the company is more interested in making a profit than helping and retaining its valued customers.

SMAX isn’t your average online vape shop. There’s a pride in crafting premium vapor juice that shines through from the moment you visit SMAXeliquid.com. As for customer service, one of the first messages on the website thanks customers for being patient while SMAX brought back a specific bottle size that long-term customers asked for. At SMAX, we’re ready to show you what premium really means. Check out our premium products today and see for yourself.

Do You Know the Company Where You Buy E-liquid Online?

If you search the words 'buy e-liquid online,' you'll no doubt come up with hundreds of millions of results. Some companies will have flashy websites with huge sales if you buy right now. Others will promise the best quality juice on the market. These are just words on the screen if the company can't back up what they're saying with real, unadulterated facts.



How is Your e-liquid Made?
Have you been taking into consideration what goes into the process of formulating your e-liquid? How about the packaging of your e-liquid for sale? You can visit hundreds of websites, and you'd be hard pressed to find a single one that offers up either of these treasured pieces of information. Fortunately, there're companies out there like SMAX who have no problem sharing how they make and bottle their e-liquid. In a market where anyone can throw together a website and swear to sell the best product in hours, it's nice to find a seasoned company doing business the right way.


Does Your Company Offer Direct Customer Support?
While sending an email through a contact page or email address is a fine way to contact customer service, when you buy e-liquid online, sometimes the questions you want to have answered need to be addressed now, not in two to three business days. High-end companies who respect that customers may have issues that need immediate answers will offer a dedicated phone line with set hours so customers know when they can reach a trained representative.


Little Bits Add up to Big Bits Quick
A growing custom among companies selling e-liquids online is rewards programs. The details of these programs will vary, but all generally offer points for dollars spent. So, if you buy $15 in merchandise, you may earn 15 rewards points. If you're an active vaper and you love high-quality e-liquids like those from SMAX, before you know it your rewards will add up and instead of choosing a new flavor to buy, you'll be choosing a unique flavor to try - FREE!


Not every company you come across that sells vape juices will be honest and trustworthy. You will come across companies that cut their e-liquid or water it down to increase profits or use inferior ingredients to save a little cash, but that's not what you get from SMAX.


Remember, when you look to buy an e-liquid online make sure your company tells you how their product is made. Double check to see if there's a dedicated customer service department with regular business hours and, as a bonus, a rewards program that allows you to earn for every purchase and then get something free when you least expect it.


All of these pieces of the quality puzzle are available at SMAX. We don't play games to lure in customers only to pawn off a sub-par product. Just take a look at the SMAX E-Liquid website for the selection and start experiencing the high-quality e-liquids in stock today.

Choosing the Best Premium E-Liquid

No one springs for the best when they’re just getting into vaping. The price difference between the low end products one can find at the average gas station and the quality products available through dedicated flavor houses is night and day. However, it’s difficult to judge the difference in quality without experience. When the time comes to make the jump to a higher quality product, choosing the best premium e-liquid for your preferences is an entirely different set of considerations than simply which flavor behind the counter sounds the least offensive or risky.



Source matters more than anything. Choosing a high-end, acclaimed brand like SMAX is always a safe avenue. There’s a huge difference in businesses looking to provide a preponderance of different flavors from different brands and a business whose entire brand is providing the best flavors possible. This means putting a focus on making the most nuanced, high quality individual flavors they can rather than anticipating their customers will try half a dozen at a time. While there’s nothing wrong with a broad variety of simpler, more basic flavors, the best premium e-liquids will always come from a specialized business. When possible, it’s worth it to look for brands that go above and beyond to create their blends; these will inevitably be the sort of flavors that truly taste like an upgrade to the vaping experience.


While it may seem like a silly consideration, it’s worth checking the availability before you buy. In some cases, the best premium e-liquid will be a limited run that won’t be available in the future. While this absolutely does not detract from its quality, it can be frustrating to develop a fondness and appreciation for a more subtle flavor only to learn it can no longer be purchased. If you are shopping for the purpose of upgrading your vaping experience, rather than purchasing a gift or celebrating a special occasion, you’ll want to make sure your source will remain consistent over time.


Keep your eye open for sales. Even the best premium e-liquids are discounted on occasion. This can make the difference in price much more palatable to cope with. However, many discounts are provided. In some cases, this can mean the product is older. Look for sales that seem to be geared toward sparking interest in a product, or even better, renewing interest or drawing in repeat customers. This will provide the best value, often-as-not.


High quality vape products aren’t right for everyone. Simply put, not everyone is in a position to properly enjoy more complicated flavors, and there’s nothing wrong with having simple tastes. More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better, and higher quality doesn’t necessarily mean it’s preferable to a given individual’s tastes. However, stepping up to a higher degree of quality can be very rewarding for a vaping enthusiast, as their budget allows. Putting in the legwork to make sure the best value is received can turn this from a chore to a fun journey of discovery.